VOTE Choon James for Honolulu City Council District 2

Residents FIRST!

Your happiness, welfare, and prosperity matter!


Aloha Friends and Neighbors! 

I wish  I could meet you  face to face and in person!  I COULD in the next 4 years as your Councilwoman!

I've been involved in city affairs as an activist and advocate for decades.  I've grown older and impatient! I would like the opportunity to make a difference in  the lives of our residents INSIDE city hall.

I truly believe that government exists to improve the life and happiness of its citizens. I want to put residents FIRST! You are the major  stakeholder.

So many of our residents face economic and social pressures.  Many of our residents have to carry 2 or 3 jobs to survive. Our kama'aina  folks worry about escalating costs of living and being priced out of Hawaii. 

One fundamental area I want to champion and work with the other 8 council members is to 

 ~ ~ provide a property tax cap for local homeowners who have lived in their homes for 15 years  or more. ( California did Prop 13 in 1978!)

~~ provide incentives to property owners who rent long-term to long term residents.  

~~ Focus on  increasing truly affordable rentals /homes inventory

Of course, there are other severe issues like traffic, tourism impacts, infrastructure, homelessness, jobs creation & business opportunities, oligarchy, gentrification,  Aloha Disconnect, community centers, parks & resources, retirement, families in distress, carrying capacity, farmlands, crime, drug addiction and so forth. Jobs that are here today may be obsolete tomorrow. 

But I have great confidence we can tackle these issues together! It doesn’t matter if we’re young or old, rich or poor, Democrat or Republican, military or civilian or unionized or not - - we all have the same dreams for ourselves and our children. We can be fair and reasonable in decision-making; we can all win!

There are solutions to the challenges on  our island home.  You the residents have valuable local knowledge and wisdom to share.   Many of you  have international  experience, professionally combed the world,  gained insights and expertise.  Collectively, we can improve our island home! 

Let's put YOUR smarts, imagination, expertise, common sense, and aloha together to improve our lives and communities.  WE can all win!

Let's gang up for the public good!   I humbly ask for your vote!


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The Platform

Serving The Community

Choon James  is an experienced small business woman for over 30 years. A mother of 4 Eagle Scouts and 1 Princess. Choon has been happily  married for 40 years!

She has been  involved in civic issues since her teenage years. 

Choon has been actively participating at City Hall for the past 10 years focusing on fiscal accountability, land use  and preserving open spaces and resources for our residents.

Choon James also advocates for free enterprise, private property rights, small businesses, farmlands, keeping public lands in public hands,  clean water, air, and soil for our children.

She had the privilege of working with many other helping hands to  preserve the Kokololio Beach Park (Kakela),  Pounders Beach Park, Laie Point Wayside, Kawela Bay, and Kahuku Golf Course. She also sprearheaded  the Laie Traffic Light and the 25 MPH speed limit along  Kamehameha Hwy from the Polynesian Cultural Center to Hukilau Beach.

Register & VOTE

Choon James can't win this race without your help.  Helping your ohana to register to vote, word-of-mouth, and sign-waving are all ways of helping us achieve our goals together.

Please REGISTER to Vote now.

Honolulu City Council District 2 

Mililani Mauka, Wahiawa, Mokule'ia, Waialua, Hale'iwa, Pupukea, Sunset Beach, Kahuku, La'ie, Hau'ula,Punalu'u, Kahana,Ka'a'awa, Kualoa, Waiahole, Kahalu'u, He'eia

The deadline to REGISTER TO VOTE was July 12, But, you can register to vote on the same day! You can only do this at Kapolei Hale or at Honolulu Hale.

Residents FIRST!

We all have the same concerns and dreams. Let's work together!  

1. Property owners who live in their homes for more than 15 years should have their property taxes capped. Many of our kupuna are struggling on fixed income and fear being priced out. (The city gives big property tax breaks to developers. Why not residents?)

2. Tax breaks should be allowed to protect long-term housing for our local renters. 

3. Government must understand that residents work very hard to provide for their families  and  must practice fiscal prudence and accountability. NO BLANK CHEQUE for the Honolulu Rail!

4. The Oahu General Plan  for economic, social, cultural, environment, and historical values must be maintained. Carrying Capacity must be considered.  


Only If you're comfortable. I know a box of diapers costs nearly $50!

We do not accept donations from corporations or lobbyists. 

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808 293 8888

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